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Sherri Grasmuck


722 Gladfelter Hall

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  • PhD, University of Texas
  • MA, Univ of Texas
  • BA, Univ of Texas

areas of expertise

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  • Comparative Family Studies
  • The Immigrant Experience
  • Immigration, Kinship and Social Inequality
  • Sociology of Kinship

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Much of my work has centered on how kinship ties and understandings of gender influence international migration and adaptation on both sides of international borders. Over time my interest in the role of local space has grown, especially in how people negotiate through their interactions for power, dignity and connection in changing environments. I aspire in my work to do more than enhance our conceptual understanding of social phenomena but also to celebrate the amusing inventiveness and intelligence of social process.

My book Between Two Islands: Dominican International Migration, co-authored with Patricia Pessar, was among the first wave of scholarship in the l980s focusing on the role of women in contemporary migration flows. Other research has examined gender transformations associated with micro-finance and neo-liberalism in Latin America. My recent book, Protecting Home: Class, Race, and Masculinity in Boys' Baseball, examined the way gentrification and ethnic change transformed neighborhood youth baseball and the way parents, coaches and boys negotiate different meanings of masculinity, community loyalty and competition. I see this project as a "crossover" from more traditional scholarship to a sociological narrative of broader appeal. My current work explores the formation of social and cultural boundaries and ethno-racial identities of immigrant and minority youth in the context of the college campus. Here I examine the way students negotiate parental and personal expectations as they make choices about friendships and engagements with the adolescent sexual subcultures they encounter at a racially diverse college campus.




Two book awards for: Protecting Home: Class, Race and Masculinity in Boys' Baseball


2006 Elliot Liebow Award for Distinguished Ethnography; awarded by the Hylan Lewis
Urban Ethnography Seminar at the City University of New York


2005 Book Award of the North American Society for Sociologists of Sports (NASSS)

2002 Eleanor Hofkin Award for Excellence in Teaching as a "teacher of teachers," Temple University.


1998 Lindback Award for Teaching Excellence.


Recent Publications


Grasmuck, S., A.M. Hinze. (2016). "Transnational heritage migrants in Istanbul: second-generation Turk-American and Turk-German ‘Returnees’ in their parents’ homeland." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. DOI:10.1080/1369183X.2016.1142365.



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