The College of Liberal Arts at Temple University

Sarah Jacobson

PhD Candidate

719 Gladfelter Hall

425 Center City Campus


  • MA, Sociology.  Temple University
  • BA, Sociology. Millersville University of Pennsylvania (minors in Women's Studies and Government) 

areas of interest

  • Urban Sociology
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Sustainability
  • Housing
  • Violence Against Women

courses i teach

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • The Historical Significance of Race in America
  • Social Statistics


picture of Sarah

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I am a PhD Candidate with a primary interest in urban sociology. With a framework that is strongly rooted in urban political economy, my research goals involve making theoretically relevant observations of modern urban centers as well as making practical observations that will ultimately help guide urban strategy and policy. In particular, my interests center on the urban response to the modern environmental and economic challenges as it connects to efforts toward a more sustainable future. I am interested in investigating not only the macro-level processes that influence the formation of the urban landscape, but also the grassroots responses to these processes. My dissertation will be an examination of these issues, looking specifically at large- and small-scale sustainable development projects in Philadelphia.

In addition to my research interests in urban sociology, I enjoy teaching Sociology and, in particular, helping to expose students to issues surrounding social stratification that affect all of us. My goals in teaching about these issues are always to help students see the world through lenses they may not be accustomed to, to think critically and carefully about what they see, and for them to understand and appreciate the contributions of Sociology as a field. My background in community outreach and education for a domestic and sexual violence non-profit afforded me the opportunity to provide trainings and workshops for adult community members, and to facilitate presentations, extended groups, and camps for middle-school to college-aged youth. Much of the oppression-based content - as well as tools and techniques for teaching and engaging students - is easily transferrable to a college classroom.

I think it's important to keep my research and teaching grounded in community involvement, and have served on a city Poverty Commission and am a member of the board for a non-profit doing large-scale sustainable urban farming in Reading, PA. I am also active within the Sociology Graduate Student Association and serve on the Graduate Committee for the department. I welcome questions from any prospective graduate students, colleagues, or community organizations.




































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