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Julia Ericksen

Professor Emeritus

610 Gladfelter Hall

(215) 204-8065


  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • MA, University of Michigan
  • BS, University of London

areas of expertise

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Body

courses i teach

  • Human Sexuality
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Body and Gender

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I have spent my academic life trying to understand the many ways gender influences social behavior.  This has taken me in a number of directions.  While in graduate school, I examined how women and men negotiate home, work, and children.  Later, I moved into an examination of sexuality and its many manifestations over the course of a century.  This led me to write a book on the history of sexual behavior surveys called Kiss and Tell (Harvard University Press).  After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I interviewed almost 100 women about their experiences with this disease and wrote a book, Taking Charge of Breast Cancer (University of California Press), which analyses women’s narratives about coping with this disease.  My current interest is in ballroom and Latin dancing.  I have interviewed about 60 dancers, from the top professionals who compete all over the world to avid social dancers who spend each weekend at the many social dance venues around the city.  Ballroom dance is a highly gendered activity; unlike other dance it is all about the man/woman relationship.  Furthermore, in America heterosexual men are not supposed to dance so I have been examining the ways in which they incorporate dance into their masculine identity.  This project has led to my most recent book, the details of which may be found here.


Recent Publications


Ericksen, J. 2011. Dance with Me: Ballroom Dancing and the Promise of Instant Intimacy. New York University Press.


Ericksen, J. 2008. Taking Charge of Breast Cancer. Berkeley, Cal.: University of
California Press.


Ericksen, J. 1999. Kiss and Tell: Surveying Sex in the 20th Century. Harvard University


Ericksen, J. 1998. "With Enough Cases, Why Do You Need Statistics? Revisiting
Kinsey's Methodology," The Journal of Sex Research.



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