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Dustin Kidd

Associate Professor

762 Gladfelter Hall


  • PhD, University of Virginia
  • MA, University of Virginia
  • BA, James Madison University

areas of expertise

  • Art
  • Popular Culture
  • Social Theory

courses i teach

  • Popular Culture
  • Development of Sociological Thought
  • Internship in Sociology
  • Classical Sociological Theory
  • Contemporary Social Theory

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I study art and popular culture with a focus on issues of policy, regulation, and identity.


My first book, Legislating Creativity (Routledge 2010) explored arts controversies related to government funding for the arts and the NEA.


My new book, Pop Culture Freaks (Westview 2014) examines the influence of identity (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and nationality) on the labor force, content, and audience for the culture industries, focusing especially on film and television.


I am active on Twitter (@PopCultureFreak) and I blog at


Recent Publications

Kidd, D. 2014. Pop Culture Freaks: Identity, Mass Media, and Society. Boulder, CO: Westview.


Kidd, D. 2012. “’She’d Have Been Locked Up in St. Mungo’s for Good’: Magical Maladies and Medicine.” Pp. 91-100 in The Sociology of Harry Potter,edited by Jenn Sims.  Hamden, CT: Zossima Press.


Kidd, D. 2012. “Fire in Our Bellies and Fear in out Arts.”  Contexts 11(1):54-55. 


Kidd, D. 2012. “Public Culture in America: A Review of Cultural Policy Debates.” The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society 42:11-21. 


Kidd, D. and C. Jackson.  2010. “Art as Propaganda: Bringing Du Bois into the Sociology of Art.”  Sociology Compass 4/8: 555-563.


Kidd, D. 2010. Legislating Creativity. New York: Routledge.


Kidd, D. 2009.  "Democratic Practices in Arts Organizations." The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society 38: 296-309.   


Kidd, D. 2007. "Harry Potter and the Functions of Popular Culture." The Journal of Popular Culture 40: 70-90.


Kidd, D. 2004. "Sexual Politics in the Defense of Art: Culture Wars, Mapplethorpe, and the Road  from Formalism to Identity Politics."  Research in Political Sociology 13: 79-112.

Kidd, D. 2004. "Art and Contemporary Culture." The Hedgehog Review, Summer 04. 98-105.


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