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Joshua Klugman

Associate Professor (on leave)

763 Gladfelter Hall

(215) 204-1452

864 Weiss Hall

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  • PhD, Indiana Univ
  • MA, Indiana Univ
  • BA, Northwestern Univ


  • Education
  • Race
  • Statistical Methods

courses i teach

  • Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Statistical Methods for Sociology
  • Graduate Statistics for Psychology
  • Seminar on Hierarchical Linear Modeling


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My research looks at class and race inequalities in educational outcomes in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges.
Right now, I am doing research on how high school resources (such as funding, class size, and the breadth of a school’s AP curricula) can affect the prestige of colleges students apply to and attend. This research suggests that students from advantaged, upper-middle-class backgrounds tend to benefit from resources in high schools in terms of applying to and attending selective colleges, but these resources tend to have less benefit for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
In this vein, I am also researching what I call the "AP arms race" - competition among school districts to offer more and more AP courses, and how this competition can produce persisting inequalities between districts in access to AP subjects.
In addition, I have just embarked on a project looking at Asian and Hispanic students' educational outcomes and their parents' involvement in their schooling. Previous research suggests that children of immigrants tend to do better in school when their families are integrated in ethnic communities (contrary to conventional wisdom, which holds that immigrant families need to shed their language and customs in order to assimilate successfully). I am testing this theory by examining how the size of the ethnic community can matter for parental involvement and children's tested ability.
Finally, I am mentoring students who took my class on Hierarchical Linear Models which was offered in the psychology department. I am collaborating with them on their projects which look at the effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on anxiety for socially phobic youth and how some people may be susceptible to depressive episodes caused by stressful events.


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Recent Publications


Cheng, S. and Klugman, J. Forthcoming. “School Racial Composition and Biracial Adolescents’ School Attachment.” The Sociological Quarterly.


Klugman, J, and Xu, J. 2008. “The Effects of Race on Public Confidence in Educational Institutions: 1974-2002.” Social Science Quarterly.


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