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Located in the southeastern corner of the state, Philadelphia is close to other major urban centers such as New York City, Baltimore,& Washington, DC. Recreation areas abound on the New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland Shores, as well as in the Poconos in northeastern Pennsylvania. Compared to other regional metropolitan centers in the east, housing is relatively affordable and plentiful.


For further information about the region, please visit the following sites:


· Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project, a website about the Philadelphia metropolitan region containing short research reports on a wide variety of topics and a browser-based mapping application that allows users to make their maps and explore relationships among more than 350 variables. This website was created by the Project's co-principal investigators, David Elesh, Sociology, and Carolyn Adams, David Bartelt, and Mark Mattson, Geography and Urban Studies.


· Philadelphia Historical Photographs, a website devoted to the photographic history of the City of Philadelphia from the late 1800s. It includes photos from the 2 million photo records of the city's Department of Records and 4,000 photos from the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, a member-supported, nonprofit library founded in 1814. The photos are searchable by keyword and location.


· Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, a website about the Philadelphia metropolitan region by the region's federally mandated planning agency. It focuses on transportation and "smart growth."


· Cartographic Modeling Lab, a website about the city of Philadelphia which incorporates many records from the city's administrative databases and information from the U.S. Census. The website allows users to display maps of data which describe a variety of subareas of the city. The site is a joint effort of the University of Pennsylvania's Schools of Social Policy and Practice, Design, and Medicine.


· Philadelphia Fun Guide, the most comprehensive guide to musical, theatrical, dance, sports, and special events in the region



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