Kimberly Goyette
737 Gladfelter Hall
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Undergraduate Chair:

Michelle Byng
761 Gladfelter Hall
(215) 204-7980

Graduate Chair:

Dustin Kidd
762 Gladfelter Hall


Jessica Brennan
708 Gladfelter Hall
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Pamela Smallwood
713 Gladfelter Hall
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Catherine Staples
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Sociology Internship Seminar

The sociology internship program provides a learning experience that unites the core concepts of sociology with professional organizational settings and the community as a whole, while also guiding students as they transition into their own professional lives. Students who participate in the Sociology Internship Seminar are expected to serve an average of 10 hours per week in a local internship placement. In addition, students attend class seminar meetings and perform weekly assignments. The course schedule lists the class meeting day and time. Students must be available during this time. Once you are accepted to the program, you still need to enroll yourself.

Students may find their own internship placement or request placement assistance from the internship director. The department can only assist with placement by making recommendations using a database of possible internships. The responsibility for obtaining placement rests solely with the student. Any student who is unable to obtain a placement will not be able to participate in the Sociology Internship Seminar. The deadline for obtaining an internship is three weeks before the first day of the semester.

Note that most organizations have formal application procedures that may require submission of a cover letter, resume, application or writing sample, as well as an interview. Students who obtain their own placement should communicate with the internship director to ensure that the internship fits the goals of the program.

If you have questions about the internship program, please send them to Dustin Kidd ( To participate in the Sociology Internship Seminar, students must complete the application.

Sample Placement Sites

Sociology Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association (SUMMA)

SUMMA is the official undergraduate association for sociology majors and minors. Its purpose is to promote Interdisciplinary applications of sociology both academically and professionally, to promote awareness of sociological issues, and to provide a means for student involvement and public events for the benefit of the Temple Community. For more information, follow SUMMA on Facebook and Twitter!

Our Mission

  1. Take our sociological imaginations outside of the classroom.

  2. Organize academic and social events for undergraduate students who are majors and minors in sociology.

  3. Facilitate greater connectivity between students and the sociology department at Temple University.

  4. Recruit & train volunteers for the Sociology Ambassadors Program.

Statement of Inclusion

As sociology students, we strive to bring unity by using our sociological imaginations to highlight the measures of inequality personal to each of us. Our officers embrace events and planning enriched and improved by diversity along a number of intersecting dimensions, including race, religion, skin color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age, veteran status, and life experience.

We are especially committed to increasing the representation of those populations that have been historically excluded from participation in U.S. higher education. We work to pinpoint and promote practices and structures that aid in the development of diverse and inclusive spaces. We especially encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to join our organization and strive to collaborate with other organizations who present dedication to diversity.

The inclusion of underrepresented groups in SUMMA is important: (1) to address and understand systematic inequalities facing American institutions and society, (2) to facilitate a new generation of ideas and leaders within the discipline, and (3) to cultivate civil discourse among diverse parties. We are committed to provide the support necessary for the success of all members of SUMMA.

Temple Sociology Graduate Student Association

The Temple Sociology Graduate Student Association is the official organization for master’s and doctoral students studying sociology at Temple University. They provide professional development workshops, social opportunities, and graduate student advocacy.