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Alyssa Richman

PhD Candidate

625 Gladfelter Hall





M, 1:00-2:00

   and by appt.


M.A., Sociology 

San Jose State University, 2005


B.A., English 

The Pennsylvania State University, 2001


areas of expertise




courses I teach

Human Sexuality

Introduction to Women's Studies

Introduction to Sociology


I am a 5th year graduate student in the Sociology PhD program currently working on my dissertation.  A qualitative project, my dissertation examines the meaning-making process and embodied experiences of lesbian and queer women around the intersections of race and gender.  I am particularly interested in questions of visibility, both within and outside lesbian communities.  Although my research primarily draws on in-depth interviews with non-straight women, I also look at contemporary representations of the lesbian body in popular, social, and political spaces.  I owe a great debt to queer, feminist, and anti-racist scholarship;  my work is situated within these rich intellectual traditions. 


I teach in both the Sociology and Women's Studies departments. In my courses, I work to help students engage with important scholarship in the field, to introduce them to lesser-known works and authors, and to challenge them to apply the lessons from the classroom in other areas of their lives.  For example, my human sexuality class tackles topics ranging from sexual identity, to Foucault, to horror movies.


My other intellectual and personal interests include:  feminist and qualitative research methodologies, queer parenthood and fertility, youth cultures, and radical pedagogy.























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