The College of Liberal Arts at Temple University

Lauren Ross

PhD Student

747 Gladfelter Hall



MA, Sociology

George Washington University


BA, Political Science. Minor in Sociology.

University of Delaware

areas of interest


Urban Sociology

Urban Housing

Urban Development

Race and Racism




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I am a PhD student in sociology at Temple University and have a Masters in Sociology from George Washington University. My primary research interests are in urban sociology, urban housing, race and racism, and inequality. Within these areas my research focuses on low-income and subsidized housing, race and urban development, and the politics of the poor. My theoretical orientation to these issues is largely an urban political economy approach. I have also worked closely with community organizations and policy think tanks in Washington, D.C. engaging in research to help guide and inform policy makers working directly on issues related to urban inequality.


My current research examines experiences and challenges facing landlords who rent in low income neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. The goal of this research is to provide a better understanding of the perspectives of those operating in the low-income rental markets and to facilitate relationships with landlords, non-profits, and policy makers to address persistent homelessness in the city. I have also conducted research on the social and psychological implications of subprime and predatory lending for families facing foreclosure. This research is particularly concerned with the lack of confidence and trust these individuals have in the housing market highlighting the urgent need for greater consumer protection in financial markets.


I am currently a research assistant for the Community Learning Network ( at Temple University where I am conducting assessment and evaluation on community-based learning courses on campus. In this position, I also work directly with non-profits to create assessment tools for evaluating asset-building programs in low-income and minority communities.

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