The College of Liberal Arts at Temple University

Sahar Sadeghi

Doctoral Student

633 Gladfelter Hall



  • MA, Temple University, Sociology

  • BA, University of CA, Davis, Sociology (minor in Ethnic & Social Studies)


  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Social Inequality
  • Immigration
  • Qualitative Methodology

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I am a doctoral student in the department of sociology with interests in race and inequality, immigration, identity, political sociology, as well as qualitative methodology. I am currently writing my qualitative dissertation, which focuses on Iranian immigrants living in the United States and Germany. I conducted a total of 64 in-depth interviews with Iranians living in northern and southern California and Hamburg, Germany to examine what factors influence Iranians’ sense of belonging and membership in two different national contexts. My research also explores how current global politics surrounding Iran and national narratives about immigration influence Iranians’ lived experiences in western nations.


Besides research, I am passionate about teaching and engaging the minds of my students by developing a comfortable and learning friendly environment in the classroom. Collectively, we discuss, question and critique “the way things are” in the world. I encourage students to think critically and try to understand various social and political issues from multiple standpoints. I believe this is conducive in evolving their learning skills and helping them become independent thinkers.


I have taught courses in “The History and Significance of Race in America”, “Ethnicity and Immigrant Experience in the US”, “Gender in America”, and “Introduction to Sociology.”


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