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Sociological Organization of Undergraduate Leadership (S.O.U.L.)


Formerly the Student Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association (SUMMA, archived here), SOUL is a grassroots student organization inspired by the concept of the sociological imagination, as articulated by C. Wright Mills. SOUL members discuss, develop, and organize actions and events pertaining to the University, the surrounding communities, and the City of Philadelphia.


SOUL is developing a method of cooperative-leadership in which all members have equal access to the direction and identity of the group. Cooperatively, SOUL members can develop their individual leadership potential, while learning what it means to be individually and collectively accountable.


SOUL began its first semester (Fall 2011) with students who were willing and able to organize and facilitate the first few meetings. It was then the responsibility of the group facilitator(s) to step back and allow for cooperative-leadership to begin. This method relies primarily on a willingness to share the burden and responsibility for building and maintaining the organization.

For more information and to get involved, contact Seth M. Newlin, Undergraduate Student Liaison



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