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Sociology Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association (SUMMA)

SUMMA is the official undergraduate association for sociology majors and minors. Its purpose is to promote Interdisciplinary applications of sociology both academically and professionally, to promote awareness of sociological issues, and to provide a means for student involvement and public events for the benefit of the Temple Community. For more information, visit the bulletin board outside 757 Gladfelter Hall and follow SUMMA on Facebook!

Our Mission

1. Take our sociological imaginations outside of the classroom.

2. Organize academic and social events for undergraduate students who are majors and minors in sociology.

3. Facilitate greater connectivity between students and the sociology department at Temple University.


4. Recruit & train volunteers for the Sociology Ambassadors Program


2015-16 Officers

Robyn Moore, Co-President

Rosalie Brown, Co-President

Chris Persaud, Secretary

Emily Mann, Treasurer


Faculty Advisor: Prof. Amanda Czerniawski


department of sociology | 713 gladfelter hall | 1115 west berks street
philadelphia, pa 19122 | (215) 204-7760 | fax: (215) 204-3352 |