Our bachelor’s program teaches students about the study of human behavior in the context of the groups, organizations, institutions and societies in which it occurs. We offer courses covering a wide range of topics, including: race and racism, sexuality and gender, health and health care, education, urban life, housing, organizations, family, political life, popular culture, immigration, international development and globalization.

A BA in sociology prepares students for many careers and graduate programs and provides a broad sociological perspective and specific research, statistical and analytic skills.

Students who are interested in a career in the health field can pursue a special sociology major focused on health-related coursework.

Flexible Coursework

Our program allows students to specialize in a wide range of areas, all of which are pressing public and social issues: health and medicine, racial and ethnic inequality, globalization and immigration, urban studies, and the sociology of gender and sexuality. Students tailor their coursework to fit their specific interests and desired career paths.

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What We Offer

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