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The Sociology Department has an undergraduate committee that addresses the specific concerns of the majors in our department. The official committee consists of the undergraduate director, the undergraduate advisors, and the student adviser/ombudsperson. These are open meetings, and all faculty members and majors are encouraged to attend them.


SUMMA is the official undergraduate association for sociology majors and minors. Its purpose is to promote interdisciplinary applications of sociology both academically and professionally, to promote awareness of sociological issues, and to provide a means for student involvement and public events for the benefit of the Temple community. General membership is open to anyone who is either a sociology major or minor at Temple University. SUMMA does not discriminate on any basis. Anyone interested in becoming involved in SUMMA should consult the undergraduate director.


A vital source of information about events going on within the Sociology Department, the College of Liberal Arts, and the university is the undergraduate bulletin board, located in the seventh floor lobby of Gladfelter Hall. This board is kept current by the SA and includes information about meetings, seminars, job opportunities as well as general campus activities. All majors should make it a habit to consult it regularly to find out what is going on in the department.


The Sociology Department has a student e-mail discussion group to allow correspondence via e-mail. To subscribe to this listserv, you need a Temple e-mail address, which you can obtain through Computer Services in Wachman Hall. To subscribe to the Listserv, send an e-mail to  In the body, type: SUB soc-majors Fname Lname ("Fname" stands for your first name and "Lname" stands for your last name). Whenever someone sends a message to the list, it is automatically sent to all those who subscribe to the list. This is a great way to communicate with each other about sociology or to voice your concerns to faculty. It also allows faculty to keep you informed about department activities.


The lounge for sociology graduate and undergraduate students is located in Gladfelter 757. This lounge is more comfortable than most classrooms, as it has armchairs and rugs. Also, some sociological journals and newspapers can be found there.



Robert K. Merton Award: Each year, the graduating senior with the highest GPA is chosen to receive this award. The winner receives a monetary prize and a certificate that is presented at an awards dinner sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts. Typically, the award recipient is accompanied to the dinner by a faculty member.


Sociology Majors Award: Each year, one graduating senior is chosen to receive the Sociology Majors Award. This award is given to the student whose contributions to the department have been outstanding. The winner receives a monetary prize and a certificate which is presented at an awards dinner sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts. Typically the award recipient is accompanied to the dinner by a faculty member.


Benjamin and Irma Robboy Award Fund in Sociology: Established in 2005 by Howard Robboy, CLA '67, to provide an annual award to an outstanding graduating senior majoring in sociology, with preference given to students who plan to attend graduate school and study sociology.


Othella Vaughn Award:


Distinction in Major: To receive Distinction in Sociology, a student must receive, at a minimum, a GPA of 3.5 in the combined aggregate of all courses required for the sociology major, as well as an average of 3.25 in all other courses.

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