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Why Major in Sociology?

The sociology major prepares students for many careers and graduate programs by providing them with a broad sociological perspective and specific research, statistical, and analytical skills. Sociology students study human group interaction, institutions, and societal values and norms through courses in contemporary social issues, social movements, family, urban life, health and health care, organizations, political life, law, race, class, and gender. The sociological perspective develops student awareness of the views and experiences of others and the relationship of individuals and groups to each other, to institutions and organizations, and to the larger society.

Along withs the sociological perspective, sociology majors acquire research, critical thinking, and analytic skills highly valued by both graduate schools and employers. Through research methods courses, research-intensive substantive courses, and specially designed internships, students gain experience in fieldwork; interviewing; developing, administering and analyzing surveys; statistical analysis; and writing research reports.


These skills will enable you to pursue careers in many different areas. Temple sociology majors work in a variety of interesting fields in a range of exciting settings. Our recent graduates have successfully secured employment with their bachelor's degrees in the non-profit sector, community planning, social work, market research, education, law and business. For those interested in furthering their education, sociology provides an excellent background for entering professional schools in law, business, and medicine, as well as for pursuing advanced degrees in sociology or related academic disciplines. Students interested in careers in the health care industry may select the Health Track in Sociology, a program focused on the sociology of health and health care.

By providing broad perspectives on the complex issues of our time and the critical and analytic tools needed to address them, the sociology major at Temple gives you the knowledge and skills you need to be successful academically and professionally.

For further information regarding Sociology requirements and to make an appointment with a sociology advisor, contact the undergraduate coordinator at 215-204-1494.


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