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Why Study the Sociology of Health?


The Health Track in Sociology offers preparation for a wide range of careers in the Health field. Our majors are prepared for graduate studies in leading medical, dental, nursing, and physical and occupational therapy programs as well as graduate programs in sociology and related fields. In addition, they have a competitive edge in obtaining post-baccalaureate positions in the expanding health care job market.


Our program offers the opportunity to participate in specially designed health internships and to acquire research skills and an understanding of human behavior and social processes, which employers and schools actively seek. The sociology major provides students with experience in interviewing; developing, administering, and analyzing surveys; statistical analysis; and writing research reports. In the health track you will acquire these skills while studying important issues surrounding health and health care.


The sociological perspective of our majors is highly valued in the health care field. Health care providers and health researchers must be sensitive to patients' concerns, must understand the needs of patients from diverse backgrounds, and must be aware of the complexities of the health care system. A sociological perspective is important both for careers that involve direct patient care and those that provide support services in the health care industry.


Coupled with research and analytic skills, this sociological awareness makes our graduates especially competitive for jobs involving community research, program evaluation and survey and qualitative research. Temple's Health Track in Sociology will provide you with a solid foundation for an important and meaningful career in a health related field.


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