Gabriela Díaz-Dávalos spent the beginning of her summer at a conference titled “3ras. Jornadas de Lenguas en Contacto” which took place in Nayarit. México. The conference offered a space to learn from many research presentations and to participate in discussions on different issues such as cultural and linguistic diversity that are linked to the better understanding of national and foreign languages in linguistic contact situations.

Some of the topics that were addressed were linguistic politics in schools, teaching and learning methodologies for second language, linguistic changes in language contact situations, and multilingualism and identity. Gabriela had the opportunity to present her research focusing on students’ attitudes towards a second language. Her presentation from one of the panels will be published by Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit in 2016 in a book containing selected presentations. Ms. Díaz-Dávalos also had the opportunity to interact with faculty from other countries and was able to learn the cultural perspective of the great native people of Nayarit, the Huicholes.