Holmquist.JonathanAssociate Professor
425 Anderson Hall


Spanish Sociolinguistics, Spanish Dialectology, Language and Gender, Language Contact


I am a Spanish sociolinguist with particular research interests that include language and gender, theoretical issues in Spanish phonology and syntax, and language contact. My research has drawn on community based studies in Cantabria, North Spain, and in central Puerto Rico. My most recent research has allowed me to extend my work to another geographical area, the “altiplano” in the region of Chimaltenango, in Guatemala. Under a Temple University Seed Grant Award and also an Internationalization Grant from Temple, I am working on a collaborative project with Dr. Hana Muzika Kahn (also from our department). We are combining our backgrounds in sociolinguistics and comparative literature to study language contact in a bilingual community where Spanish and Kaqchikel Maya are spoken. The foci are both the sociolinguistics of language contact in the community and oral narrative traditions in Spanish and Kaqchikel.

Selected Publications

  • Holmquist, Jonathan and Hana Muzika Kahn. Spanish and Kaqchikel-Maya: A study in town and village in Guatemala’s central highlands. International journal of the sociology of language, 1-22, https://doi.org/10.1515/ijsl-2017-0028. In print publication forthcoming, October 2017.
  • Holmquist, Jonathan Language loyalty and linguistic variation: A study in Spanish Cantabria. Dordrecht, Holland: FORIS Publications. 1988.
  • Holmquist, Jonathan; Lorenzino, Augusto; and Sayahi, Lotfi. Selected proceedings of the Third Workshop in Spanish Sociolinguistics (Temple University, 2006. New York: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. 2007.
  • Spanish / Kaqchikel-Maya contact in town and village: A focus on youth. International journal of the Linguistics Association of the Southwest. International Journal of the Linguistics Association of the Southwest 31.2: 57-78. 2014.
  • Spanish/English contact in rural Puerto: Variation, context, and text. Spanish in context (John Benjamin’s Publisher)10.3: 390-409. 2013.
  • Frequency rates and constraints on subject personal pronoun expression: Findings from the Puerto Rican highlands. Language variation and change 24:203-220. 2012.
  • “Gender and variation: Word-final /s/ in speech in Puerto Rico’s western highlands”. In Manuel Díaz-Campos (ed.), The Handbook of Spanish sociolinguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 230-243. 2011.

Courses Taught

  • Language in Society 0815
  • Basic Spanish I 1001
  • Basic Spanish II 1002
  • Intermediate Spanish 1003
  • Conversational Spanish 2001
  • (Advanced)Intensive Practice 1076(2076)
  • Language Skills/Span. Spkrs. 1011
  • Advanced Skills/Span. Spkrs. 0815
  • Advd. Grammar and Ling. Concepts 3003
  • Spanish Phonetics 4301/5301
  • Intro. to Spanish Linguistics 4302/5302
  • Spanish/English Contrasts 4303/5303
  • Spanish Applied Linguistics 4304/5304
  • History of the Spanish Language 4305/5305
  • Spanish Sociolinguistics 4306/5306
  • Language and Gender 4307
  • Seminar in the Spanish Language 8300
  • Spanish Phonology and Morphology 8301
  • Hispanic Dialectology 8303
  • Spanish Language in Puerto Rico 8304
  • Internship in Teaching Spanish 8385
  • Directed Readings (in Spain) 2002/4183
  • Spain thru Film (in Spain) 3222