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"Can you make yourself smarter"
"Buff your brain"
"I feel like I'm becoming more forgetful. How can I sharpen my memory?"
"Pimp my memory"
"Teenages wired to take risks"
"Teenage brains"
"How peers affect the teenage brain"
"Brains on trial"
"Mind Games"
"Are there perceptual or cognitive benefits to playing action video games?"
"Can action video games boost short-term memory?"
"The Terrible Teens: What's Wrong With Them?"


"Brain Games: Life of the Brain" (2016). On National Goegraphic Channel

"Can't Stop Checking Your Phone? Blame Your Personality" (2016). On Fox News (article by Arden Dier)

"The Teenage Brain: There May Be a Silver Lining to All That Misbehavior" (2016). In The Washington Post (article by Meeri Kim)

"Smartphones Don't Make Us Dumb" (2015). In The New York Times (article by Daniel T. Willingham)

WPR Radio, The Kathleen Dunn Show

WHYY Philadelphia

"Teenager, Friends, and Bad Decisions" (2011). In The New York Times (article by Tara Pope Parker)

"Get Even Smarter?" (2010). In Percolator, an online forum of The Chronicle of Higher Education (article by Tom Bartlett).

"No Second Chance" (2010). Episode produced for CBS Sunday Morning news program.

"Linking Risk-Taking Behavior and Peer Influence in Adolescents" (2008). In Neuropsychiatry Reviews, 9,1 (article by John Merriman).

"Puberty - When Teenagers Disengage" (2008). Episode of the television production Quark and Co., produced for WDR German Public Broadcasting Television.

"Monks in the Lab" (2006). Documentary film produced by ARTE France Television in association with the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation.

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