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October 2006 Conference


Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture and Society

Temple University

Going with the Past: Vietnamese Traditional Culture in Contemporary Society

October 6 and 7 at Temple University

Friday October 6 

Welcoming remarks, Dr. Philip Alperson and Dr. Nguyen Chi Ben

Opening address by Dr. Peter Zinoman, Professor of History at University of  California, Berkeley – "Provincial Cosmopolitanism: Vu Trong Phung's  Foreign Engagements."

Panel number 1: Traditional cultural ceremonies in contemporary Vietnam

Prof. Nguyen Chi Ben, Institute of Culture and Information, Hanoi – Cultural Heritage: Burden or Asset in Vietnamese Contemporary Society

Dr. Bui Hoai Son- Institute of Culture and Information, Hanoi – Vietnam’s Policies on Traditional Festivals: At War and After the War.          

Prof. Hy Van Luong, University of Toronto – Ritual Revitalization in Vietnam: The State, Capital, and Local Sociocultural Dynamics

            Panel number 2:  Tradition in the Arts and Humanities

Prof. Quang Phu Van, Yale University – Interconnectedness of Philosophy, Literature and Culture:  Playfulness and Drunkenness in Nguyen Cong Tru’s Poetry

Dr. Ngo Thanh Nhan , Fellow, Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture and Society – A Glimpse of the Globalization of Chu Nom

Prof. Kim Worthy, Wagner College – Buffalo Boy: Surviving the Flood of Globalization

Film: Mua Len Trau (Buffalo Boy, or literally The Season to Take Up the Buffaloes)

Saturday October 7

            Panel number 3 – Tradition in Daily Life

Prof. Tran Dinh Hang, Institute of Culture, Hue – The Vitality of a Village without Farming Land: The Pottery Village of Phuoc Tich

Tuan Hoang, Ph. D. candidate Notre Dame University – Fusing Values East and West: the Hoc Lam Nguoi Books in Modern Vietnamese Culture

Prof.  Karen Fjelstad, San Jose State University – Len Dong Spirit Possession and the Views of a Traveling Spirit

Prof. Dang Viet Bich – The Training of Cultural Workers for Intangible Heritage Protection

Prof. Long Le, University of Houston – Traditional Politics and the Post-War Generation

Closing remarks – Professor Hy Van Luong

  Professor Nguyen Chi Ben, Professor Philip Alperson


The Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture &  Society is a national center for scholarly research, educational training and mutual understanding, founded in September 2004.  The Center also coordinates scholarly exchanges.  The Center wishes to thank the College of Liberal Arts and the Henry Luce Foundation for their support of this conference.  The Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture and Society is supported by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Tuan Hoang Ph.D. candidate, Dr. Kim Worthy, Dr. Dang Viet Bich, Dr. Karen Fjelstad

Dr. Quang Phu Van, Dr. Ngo Thanh Nhan, Dr. Hy Van Luong, Dr. Nguyen Chi Ben and Bui Hoai Son Ph. D. candidate

Dr. Peter Zinoman, Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, Dr. Long Le, and audience

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