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Research and Study Group on Vietnamese Social and Economic Reform


The Research and Study Group on Vietnamese Social and Economic Reform, sponsored by the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture and Society, is a multi-disciplinary collaboration bringing together ordinary citizens and members of civil society with researchers and policymakers from international and Vietnamese institutions. The goal is to find effective strategies to advance social and economic development in Vietnam.

This initiative builds on the existing body of research on social and economic reforms and the experience of earlier reform activities to identify promising avenues for research and study.

Engendering Vietnam's Macroeconomic and CGE Models is a pilot project that illustrates the collaborative approach of the Research and Study Group. Convened by Le Anh Tu Packard, the project works with model-building specialists from Vietnam 's leading research institutes to engender and update macroeconomic and computerized general equilibrium (CGE) models that have already been developed. The objective is to develop models of the Vietnamese economy in transition that can shed light on the economic and social implications of alternative policy innovations, with the additional capability of being able to analyze the gender dimensions of these innovations. The project will consult with the Vietnam Women's Union as well as with local women's organizations in both rural and urban areas to study and identify appropriate specifications to engender the macroeconomic and CGE models.

The Research and Study Group on Vietnamese Social and Economic Reform is being coordinated by Le Anh Tu Packard. Le Anh Tu Packard is currently working on a multi-country project supported by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs to develop the theoretical, empirical and institutional case for a human development oriented framework for monetary policy. She recently served as senior technical advisor to the Ministry of Finance on a World Bank supported project to conduct diagnostic audits of Vietnam 's largest state-owned enterprises. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Columbia University , she has held senior economist positions at The WEFA Group (formerly Wharton Econometrics) and Chase Econometrics. Her consulting engagements (which include World Bank and UNDP technical assistance missions to transition economies in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa) focus on the Public Investment Program (PIP), sustainable development, poverty reduction strategies, governance and gender issues, the effects of external liberalization on economic performance and social policy implications, and state enterprise financial and industry analysis. She has published papers on the international business cycle, the crises of the banking systems in East Asia and Mexico, prototype policy simulation models for open developing/transition economies, diasporas, and the Vietnamese economy. She has recently completed a paper for a UN agency on the gender dimensions of Vietnam's macroeconomic and structural reform policies.

Further information about the Research and Study Group will be posted soon.


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