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Minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies analyzes gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation as they are understood by various disciplines and in cross-cultural perspectives. The minor enables students to become familiar with concepts, theories, history, literature, and political and sociological issues concerning the LGBT community. It also gives students an opportunity to examine and thing critically about the intersections of sexuality, sex, and gender, and become aware of the diversity of attitudes about sexuality in different cultures and historical eras.

The minor is open to students with any major at Temple University.

Six courses are required for the minor. Of these courses, at least five must be in CLA.

Required Courses
Students must complete the following:

Gay and Lesbian Lives (2405)
Field Work Internship (4389)

Four Electives:
Among those courses, minors must take two or three LGBT Studies theme courses and one or two Gender courses.
Examples are:
LGBT Studies theme courses (two or three):
-Political Science: Politics, Rights, and Sexual Orientation
-Women's Studies, Special Topics: Black Lesbian Writers (2000)/ Gay and Lesbian Representation in Genre Film
-Religion: Religion and Sexuality East and West
-English: Special Topics courses such as: Gay and Lesbian Literary Traditions / Queer Literary Theory
-American Studies: American Sexuality
Gender Courses (one or two):
-Women's Studies: Feminist Theory
-Sociology: Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with Women's Studies) / 228: Men and Masculinity
-History: Sexuality and Gender in American History (cross-listed with Women's studies)
-Anthropology: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives (cross-listed with Women's Studies)

Courses Outside CLA:
Public Health 305: AIDS and Society
Public Health 106: Human Sexuality

Total Credits: 18


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