ETD Students Ready to take the next step in your college career? Deciding where to transfer your existing college credits or associate degree might be easier than you think. About 40 percent of Temple University, students are transfers, so you’ll be among students with similar experiences and needs. And at Temple’s College of Liberal Arts, you’ll benefit from an academic advising team dedicated to helping you make the most of your credits and graduate as soon as possible. Choose your academic advisor, get your transfer questions answered, receive advice throughout your time at Temple and get help with issues beyond academics. Contact us now to get started!

Who Will Be My Academic Advisor When I Transfer?

As a Temple transfer student, you’ll be joining an enormous group of students who came here with existing college experience and credits, just like you. And like you, they needed someone who understood their college journey to date and their goals for completing their higher education. They found him or her on our academic advising team.

The College of Liberal Arts has an assistant director who focuses exclusively on transfer student services and a diverse team of professional academic advisors. Many of these advisors were once transfer students themselves. They’re all eager to meet you at orientation and help you navigate the transfer process and finish your education in a timely manner. Best of all, we don’t choose your advisor for you. We let you choose the advisor whom you think can help you best.

I Have So Many Questions!

You’ve already worked really hard at school, and you have a lot to show for it, but you’re not learning yet. So if you’re transferring to Temple’s College of Liberal Arts, you probably want to know: What will happen to all my credits? What are the important deadlines? How many more credits will I need to earn? When will I graduate?

Once you transfer to Temple you’ll attend a transfer orientation event where your transfer credits will be reviewed and you’ll be able to choose your courses and pick your academic advisor. Additionally, Assistant Director for Transfer Services Nicole Conley is available in person or via email at to answer transfer questions.

Every transfer student is unique in the credits each brings, the degree each is pursuing and the desired graduation timing. How to go from holding some credits to holding a bachelor’s degree might not seem intuitive right now, but our team is always available to make things as clear as possible and give you the right advice for meeting your educational goals.

Want to see how your credits will transfer to Temple right now? Use our Transfer Equivalency Tool.

How Can My Advisor Help Me After I Transfer to My New School?

Once you’re accepted and your credit transfers are sorted out, you’ll register for courses during your transfer student orientation. Your advisor will walk you through registration, but he or she will also be here to help you with so much more.

You’ve already spent some time at college and probably have at least some idea as to what you do and do not want to study. Your advisor will help pair your interests with an academic plan that makes sense for you and help you make adjustments as needed along the way while keeping you on track for graduation.

What If I Have an Issue Beyond Academics?

As a transfer student, you have enough to worry about just with what’s happening with your existing credits and how close they bring you to graduation. So your academic advisor will also help you feel connected to the Temple and College of Liberal Arts communities, easing any other concerns that may come up. If you run into an issue with your academics, financials, campus life or anything related to college, you’ll always have someone to turn to for help in your advisor. He or she will either have a solution ready for you or will get you to the person who does.

I’m Ready to Transfer!

When you’re ready to transfer, please drop us a line at 215-204-7743 or to get started.