Encouraged to Excel

“I was able to reach out to any of the professors and students in my department for guidance and help. Each professor encouraged me to dare to be different and encouraged me to excel regardless of circumstances.” - NeShae Williams ‘14

African American Studies at Temple

The Department of Africology and African American Studies attracts and produces world-class scholars in our discipline, and we have more African American students than any other university in the Northeast. We constantly seek to expand links with the local, national and international African community; our focus is transgenerational, transcontinental and interdisciplinary. Our faculty edits the Journal of Black Studies, the top peer-reviewed publication in our academic discipline. We always encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities to engage in service learning, internships and study abroad — including a summer program in Ghana. Our courses and programs are Afrocentric, meaning that we explore academic topics from the standpoint of African agency.

First in Our Field

Become a part of an energetic group of scholars who seek to continue what began more than 40 years ago. Our Africology and African American Studies department is one of the oldest of similar programs in the nation, and we were the first to offer a doctoral program in our field. It emerged during the Black Power movement, when black students demanded a Black Studies department to combat racism, discrimination and oppression. As a result, the Afro-Asian Institute was created in 1971, and the Pan African Studies Department was established the following year.

Academic Offerings

Study Abroad in Ghana

Based at the University of Ghana in Accra, our study abroad in Ghana is an incredible way to enhance your Africology and African American Studies program.

Learn from Top Faculty

We are known for our innovation, energy and influence in Black Studies. We attract and produce world-class scholars in African American Studies.

The Blockson Collection

The Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection at Temple University houses over 500,000 items on the global Black experience dating from 1581 to the present.