Continue your pursuit of African American Studies with a master’s degree or PhD at Temple University. As a student, you’ll learn to take your Afrocentric perspective of the world to the next level thanks to one of the nation’s leading African American Studies faculties. Your professors will also empower you to contribute to progressive research and make a difference in the community. Learn how you can fund your African American Studies graduate degree and apply to Temple.

Earn an MA or PhD in African American Studies

An academic career in Africology and African American Studies provides graduate and doctoral-level students with an Afrocentric study of the history, culture, art, politics and economics of Africans, African Americans and people of African descent. We are well-known for our innovation, energy and influence in Black studies. Temple’s professors have published more books than any other department of African American Studies faculty in the nation. Our graduates lead more programs in African American studies than any other similar program.

Please visit the Africology and African American Studies Graduate Bulletin to learn more about graduate program requirements, dates and deadlines and instructions on how to apply.

Get Involved in the Black Studies Academic Community

Our faculty edits the top journal in our discipline, the Journal of Black Studies. We also participate in all the significant associations in our discipline, including the National Council for Black Studies and Afrocentricity International. We encourage our students to collaborate with faculty in research, conferences, field trips and joint writing projects. If you join our program, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the Journal of Black Studies and participate in African American Studies conferences with us.

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PhD in African American Studies

Temple was the first university to offer a PhD program in African American Studies. Our program reflects a deep commitment to the Afrocentric, or self-directed, exploration of academic experiences. It is the goal of the department that graduates of our PhD program are prepared to engage in a diverse range of intellectual issues that affect the lives of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. Our students are prepared for university teaching and scholarly research; our graduates have excellent employment track records in major universities nationwide.

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MA in African American Studies

The MA in African American Studies is designed to teach students about fundamental theoretical and practical issues confronting African people trans-continentally and trans-generationally. The MA program seeks to answer the personal and intellectual aspirations of students that are not satisfied by a BA degree in African American Studies. An MA in African American Studies often serves as a basis for a PhD in the discipline or in an affiliated field.

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Academic Advising

As a student working toward your MA or PhD, you’ll be guided toward a concentration based on your interests and the available resources at the department.

Possible concentrations include

  • African and African American History
  • African and African American Literature
  • African American Drama
  • African American Psychology
  • African Civilizations
  • African Languages
  • Afrocentric Theory
  • Caribbean Culture
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnographic Methods
  • Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

Temple Graduate School Funding

Temple has several financial aid packages available to eligible candidates, including University Fellowships, Future Faculty Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships. These funding packages are awarded on a competitive basis. University and Future Faculty Fellows do not have to teach in their first year; however, they must serve as teaching assistants in their second year (and their stipends are reduced accordingly). The department program determines nomination for fellowships. Nominations are then decided by the Graduate School, which usually looks at traditional markers of academic excellence, (i.e., GPA, GRE scores). Funding is very limited and so MA students are normally not eligible for funding. In rare cases, MA students are selected by the Graduate Director for TAships and fellowships. If you do receive funding from Temple, you can borrow from the regular financial aid programs. Explore all available funding and apply early to make your education an affordable experience. For more information about funding, review our admissions procedures.

Admissions Process

Admission requirements to the MA and PhD programs in Africology and African American Studies follow the general requirements established by Temple University. The deadline for the MA and PhD program is the same. Review our complete admissions procedures and apply by January 15. We do not have rolling admissions.

Graduate Admissions to Temple University

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Application Deadline: Fall Semester: Jan. 15

Curriculum and Academic Requirements

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante
615A Gladfelter Hall
(215) 204-4322

Graduate Chair:
Dr. Ama Mazama
817 Gladfelter Hall
(215) 204-1992

Belinda Wilson
821 Ritter Annex
(215) 204-0472

Tammey Abner
808 Gladfelter Hall
(215) 204-8491