Undergraduate students can major or minor in Africology and African American Studies to expand their knowledge of the diverse peoples, cultures and art of Africa. As a student, be sure to take advantage of academic advising and professional development opportunities to make sure your Africology and African American Studies degree leads you to a rewarding career. Learn more about your financial aid opportunities and apply today.

Bachelor of Arts in Africology and African American Studies

The Africology and African American Studies program at Temple University provides undergraduates with the opportunity to critically examine and interpret the experiences, traditions and dynamics of people of African descent. The curriculum for the bachelor of arts in Africology and African American Studies degree stresses the skills necessary to think critically, write clearly, argue persuasively and solve problems effectively. Using the African American experience, our discipline provides students with an integrated approach to social, economic, and cultural questions of origin, diversity, racism, racial relations and expressions of art and humanities.

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Minor in Africology and African American Studies

No matter what you plan on doing with your college education, an Africology and African American studies minor adds interdisciplinary depth to your main course of study. The 18-credit minor requires three introductory courses and three electives at or above the 2000 level.

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Academic Advising and Professional Development

Take full advantage of the College of Liberal Arts’ flexible curriculum with the help of our award-winning advisors. We’ll help you select a major or minor, and graduate on time. Beyond academics, our advisors ensure that you have a rich experience at Temple by complementing your academic work with study abroad programs, internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

At Temple, we believe that students from all walks of life should have access to an outstanding college education. If you need help paying for your education, you aren’t alone. Most students receive some form of financial aid to fund their education. About 60% of first-year Temple students receive need-based financial aid, and the average first-year financial aid package is about $15,000. Eligible students receive financial assistance from federal, state, private and university sources. Explore all available funding and apply early to make your college education an affordable experience.

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Fly in 4

Take charge of your future and limit your debt. The Fly in 4 partnership allows you to complete your degree on time—or Temple will pay for your remaining coursework. Graduating on time means your path to success starts sooner. We provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years, like academic advising and classes offered when you need them. You commit to doing what it takes to blaze your career path in four years.

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Temple University’s tuition rates vary by school or college, student level, residency and more. Use the student tuition calculator to estimate your tuition rate.

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