Do you know America as well as you think you do? Temple University’s undergraduate American Studies degree will help you dispel national myths and find the truth from the first inklings of revolution to the cultural, societal political and artistic issues of today. Looking to study America without majoring in it? You can also get an American Studies minor by taking just six courses from the program. Either way, you’ll learn about our great nation just minutes from where it all began at Independence Hall right here in Philadelphia.

American Studies is a broad-based interdisciplinary program that explores the rich complexity of American culture and American lives. Courses focus on national myths and everyday realities, race and ethnicity, work, technology, media and popular culture, architecture and city planning, and the production and consumption of art forms like photography, film, dance and music.

We do not treat these topics as discrete categories, but instead explore their relationships to each other. For instance, we look at ideas about race and class embedded in national symbols and ideas. Through a variety of courses and in a mix of different categories, American Studies provides students with a deep understanding of the many forces and ideas that shape America.

BA in American Studies

The program offers student internship opportunities and other hands-on kinds of learning at a variety of cultural institutions in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. American Studies courses are challenging and thought-provoking and many of them are cross-listed with the Temple University Honors Program. The major program stresses development of reading, writing and analytical skills that are necessary for successful careers in a range of professional fields.

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Minor in American Studies

Minors take six courses in American Studies, at least three of which must be from three different American Studies core areas. Most students find a minor can be accommodated within their regular program.

Minors in American Studies are particularly useful in journalism, business, education and those fields that are served by creative thinking that draws inspiration from more than one area.

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