Understand Our Diverse World

Studying anthropology at Temple helps build the creative thinking and critical analysis abilities needed to solve complex problems in today’s world. We teach cross-cultural understanding, interdisciplinary connection and computational and analytical skills. With our training, you’ll be able to connect on a deeper level with people from many linguistic and geographical backgrounds, generating key insights into how people make sense and find meaning in their worlds.

Unrivaled Personal Attention

The small average size of our upper-level classes permits our faculty to work closely with students, meeting their educational needs and preparing them for whatever career path they seek after graduation.

There's a Lab For That

We're big on hands-on experience. We offer a number of experiential learning opportunities and facilities right here on campus.

Pursue a Graduate Degree

We offer a series of research methods courses, both quantitative and qualitative, that equip students with the hard analytical skills that employers desire.