Humanity Over Time and Space

Anthropologists pursue the comprehensive study of humans. Since the evolutionary origin of our species, we have grown to a population over 7 billion that lives in dynamic tension with our social, cultural, and ecological environments. In our programs, students learn about deep time, human pre-history, health and human biology, mobility, global inequities, cultural resilience, modern communication and mediation, multilingualism, cultural politics, and more. They graduate prepared to pursue graduate studies in Anthropology or related studies or to use this perspective to contribute to a large variety of non-academic career paths.

Major and Minors

Become an Anthropology major or choose one of our specialty tracks: Human Biology and Anthropology and Visual Communication. Or, chose a minor or certificate program that will help prepare you for further study or engagement with real world issues.

Fieldwork and Research

Our faculty engage in active field research both close to home and in distant locales. Come learn about fieldwork opportunities and discover how and where you want to apply your anthropology training.

PhD Program

Join our profession through graduate study. Our program is structured along two broad themes: Evolution and Human Environments and Mobility and Global Inequality.