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Laboratory and Museum

The Anthropology Laboratory and Museum is a dynamic facility dedicated to research, conservation, and dissemination of anthropological knowledge to the Temple University community and to the general public.

The holdings include approximately 200 collections that have been generated by faculty and graduate student field research and obtained through intermuseum loans and transfers.

The archaeological holdings include collections derived from sites excavated in the Mid-Atlantic region, along with comparative lithic and ceramic collections from the American Southeast and Southwest and from Central America. The Anthropology Laboratory and Museum serves as a repository for cultural resource management reports and collections from the National Park Service and from the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The ethnographic collections feature material artifacts from various cultures of North America, South America, and Oceania.

The physical anthropology collections feature casts of fossil hominid remains, human skeletal specimens, and comparative collections of primate and other mammalian
skeletal and dental specimens.

The Laboratory is used to teach and train both undergraduate and graduate students, providing hands-on learning experiences in observing, documenting, and analyzing anthropological specimens and artifacts of all kinds.

Fifty Years of Collecting, Curating, and Saving the Past for the Future

The Anthropology Laboratory threw open its doors to welcome one and all for a celebration on 7 May 2014.

Visitors were invited to view a number of displays;

to hear stories of how the artifacts came from Oceania, the Americas, and here in the Delaware Valley;

to speak with faculty and students about their currently ongoing research;

to learn about skeletal analysis with actual bones;

to try their hand at pottery-mending;

and to peek into cabinets and drawers and make their own discoveries among the treasures of the lab.

Before moving to Gladfelter Hall in 1972, the Anthropology Laboratory was located in College Hall, next to the Baptist Temple, where collections began arriving in 1964.


Exhibits may be found at the entrance to the Laboratory (in the Gladfelter Hall lobby, L8) as well as elsewhere on campus, such as the Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT).

An internship in collections management is sponsored through the Temple University Career Center.

A blog about our collections can be found at http://anthropologylabtemple.wordpress.com

An article about the Laboratory and Museum appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of the Temple Review.

The Laboratory and Museum are featured in a short video from The Temple News.

Undergraduate anthropology major Nicole Welk is
featured in a "Faces of Temple" short video for
her work with the collections in creating the exhibit
"Anthropology Speaks."

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Patricia Hansell
Chair, Laboratory and Technology Committee
telephone: 215-204-1417
email: phansell@temple.edu

Department of Anthropology | Gladfelter Hall, second floor | 1115 West Berks Street | Philadelphia, PA 19122
Voice mail: 215-204-7577 Fax: 215-204-1410