Major or Minor in Asian Studies

Develop the language skills and cultural knowledge needed for careers and professions ranging from business and government to education and the media.

Asian Studies draws on the resources of many departments to provide a comprehensive program of study on Asia (especially East Asia). Majors may concentrate on a geographic area, field, or theme(s). By combining language with the study of politics, history, society, art, religion, philosophy, and literature, each student can construct a major tailored to his or her individual interests. The curriculum gives students a foundation for living or working in Asia, or continuing their studies through developing a knowledge base, cross-cultural sensitivity, analytic thinking, and communication and writing skills in English and Asian languages.

Academic Offerings

Study Abroad in Asia and the Middle East

We strongly encourage our students to study for a semester or more in one of the countries they learn about in the Arabic, Asian Studies, Chinese and Japanese curriculums.

Connect With the World Around You

We're about more than language proficiency. With us, you'll develop a deep understanding of the politics, history and culture of the regions, acquiring the skills needed to connect globally.

Literature, Film and Popular Culture

With courses in Asian and Middle Eastern literature, film and pop culture, our department welcomes students from any major interested in developing familiarity with the cultures of China, Japan and the Middle East.


From lectures, to film screenings, to networking opportunities with some of the region's biggest employers, events at the College of Liberal Arts are designed to support your life's work.