Learn about study abroad options, the popular East-West club, and foreign language placement.

Study Abroad

We strongly encourage our students to study for a semester or more in one of the countries they learn about in the Arabic, Asian Studies, Chinese and Japanese curriculums. Study abroad that includes participation in an intensive language program is an especially valuable way for students to develop a high level of proficiency in the language they are studying. These programs are designed to improve participants’ oral, listening, reading and writing proficiency in their target language and develop their knowledge regarding the history, politics, culture and society of that country. Combining intensive language classes with experience abroad prepares students to compete for careers on a global level. Credits earned through the study abroad programs may be used toward a minor and/or certificate.

Additional Study Abroad Resources

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Temple University’s East - West Club


Temple University’s East - West club (EWC) would like to welcome all Asian studies majors, minors, certificates and anyone who has an active interest in Asian culture and its relation to the West. Our goal is to further our understanding of the relationships between Eastern and Western cultures and, in addition, to expand our knowledge of Asian cultures. Part of the EWC’s objective is to both experience and deepen our understanding of other cultures in order to bring diversity in both our academic careers and in life. We hope all members will utilize what they have experienced as part of the EWC and further bridge the gap between Asian and American culture. Our activities span from meetings and field trips to events targeted for the whole student body.

The EWC’s objectives are not restricted to academic purposes only. We are both an academic and social club and our club curriculum reflects as such.

If you are a student at Temple University and are interested in furthering your knowledge or believe you can contribute to our understanding of East to West relations, please come join us! The EWC meets once every two weeks on Thursday, from 6-7 p.m. at Barton Hall, room 205B. To view our upcoming events check out our Facebook page.

Foreign Language Placement, Waiver and Assessment Requests

For questions about placement, waivers, and assessments, please see the appropriate Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, or Korean advisor. For languages that are not taught at Temple or that are taught outside of the department, please contact Ms. Peggy Shadding for information.

For languages not offered at the university, students have the option of taking an Alta Services Translation Assessment Exam. Students should print the form Foreign Language Assessment Request and Certification and complete the first two sections, “Student Identification Information” and “Language Background and Information.” Students should next meet with an advisor, bringing this form as well as any relevant documentation, such as a transcript or diploma, to demonstrate their background in the assessment language. Students should then create an account and pay for the exam service online at altatesting.com/purchase using group code TMPL. Once registered, students may then set up a time with Ms. Shadding for the exam to be proctored in her office. The exam is conducted orally via telephone.