BA in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program will assist students in:

  • understanding the broad foundations of at least one major Asian culture, including the history, culture, socio-economic, and political organization
  • recognizing the utility of different humanistic and social science disciplines in understanding a culture
  • understanding the distinction between theory and data and the links between the two components while drawing generalizations from actual social experience
  • recognizing the way language serves as a foundation of culture
  • understanding the issues and requirements of cross-cultural communication; and
  • taking more initiative in educating themselves, to make analytical generalizations, to make ethical choices, and to feel confident in these and other exercises of personal responsibility.

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Minor in Asian American Studies

This interdisciplinary minor focuses on Asian American history, culture, and contemporary issues as well as their Asian roots and American context. The Asian American Minor is six courses (18 s.h.): four in Asian American Studies, one in American Studies, and one Asian Studies course under an Asian Studies or cross-listed number, as distributed in the requirements list.

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Minor in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, but may require more if the Language requirement is not satisfied by examination of oral/aural and reading skills in any Asian language approved by the Asian Studies head advisor.

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Languages of Study

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies offers programs leading to an undergraduate minor or certificate of language proficiency in Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. The department also offers instruction in Hebrew, Hindi, and Korean. Our programs are designed to provide the language skills and cultural knowledge needed for a number of professions and careers.

If you are interested in taking a course as a non-matriculated student, please contact the Office of Continuing Education.

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