Develop the Chinese language skills and knowledge needed for careers and professions that engage with China in the public, private, and nonprofit sector.

Studying Chinese

Our language program strives to meet the needs and interests of students with different backgrounds and levels of proficiency in Mandarin. Our goal is for our students to develop the linguistic proficiency, sociolinguistic knowledge, and strategies to enable them to communicate effectively in Chinese and to support their life-long language learning.

Are you a true beginner?
Chinese 1001 requires no previous background or knowledge of Mandarin. The course introduces you to the sound and writing systems as well as basic grammar and vocabulary.

As you progress
Each higher-level of instruction continues to build on your knowledge and skills. You’ll focus on developing linguistically-accurate, communicatively-effective control over the material you study—while, at the same time, gaining insight into how to use the language in culturally and socially appropriate ways.

Do you already have some knowledge of Chinese?
If your academic or home background in Mandarin would place you at a level higher than Chinese 1001, please contact us ( before the beginning of the fall or spring semester for a language evaluation so we can find the right course for you.

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Program Director:
Louis Mangione
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