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Committed to Deepening Our Understanding of Crime, Governance and Social Justice

A Practice-Focused Intellectual Experience. Students often debate issues such as police legitimacy, victims’ rights, mass incarceration, fairness in sentencing, and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as a wide variety of other topics. Criminal Justice majors make a difference by working in various criminal justice agencies, becoming attorneys and attending graduate school.

Academic Offerings

Undergraduate: A Practice-Focused Intellectual Experience

Engage in a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of crime, offenders, and victims, as well as the agencies, goals, laws, policies, and processes of the criminal justice system

Graduate: Policy-Oriented Research and Training

A dynamic environment in which faculty, with graduate students, conduct research at the local, regional, national and international levels

Get Involved with an Internship

Internships give you the opportunity to come in contact with criminal justice organizations that work in the broader field of criminal justice-related policy and practice.