Considering earning your criminal justice degree at Temple University, but aren’t sure where to get started? You’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find all the info you need on advising, mentoring, writing help, the library system, peer teaching and disability services.

Criminal Justice Advising Center

The mission of the Criminal Justice Advising office is to assist students with planning and implementing rosters, provide students with career information and to help students navigate through the college years. Our office posts information about scholarships, jobs, internships and social organizations that will maximize the students’ college experience.

If you have any questions about advising please contact our academic advisor Corissa Reilly.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Mentoring Center

Undergraduate students should be aware that assistance is available for all CJ classes from the department’s volunteer graduate students. Please bring all your course materials with you (syllabus,notes, books, assignments, etc.) so that the graduate students may better assist you. The Mentoring Center is located on the 5th floor of Gladfelter Hall, room 544. You can view the following pdf to see the specifics of how we can assist you!

If these times are not compatible with your class schedule, please contact to request a ‘by appointment’ mentoring session.

Fall 2019:

560 Gladfelter Hall
Monday-Thursday: 11am - 2pm
Friday: 11am - 1pm

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
11 am- 12pm Eli** ; Hayley W.* Jesse* Ronni* Sam*    
12pm- 1pm Megan M.** Mea Ciara* Trinh* Marc**  
1pm- 2pm Mollie* Sarah** ; Haley S.* Lauren* ; Lizzy* Chelsey*  
  • * Indicates this graduate student is comfortable tutoring research methods
  • ** Indicates this graduate student is comfortable tutoring both research methods and statistics

If these times are not compatible with your class schedule or you want to talk with a mentor who has specific content knowledge, please contact CJGSA Vice President Sam Phillips at to request a ‘by appointment’ mentoring session.

Writing Center

The Academic Advising Center offers various forms of individual and group support for improving your writing. Please visit the Writing Center for more information.

TU Library

The Temple University Library system offers a vast collection of print and electronic media. Many journals in criminal justice and related fields are now available electronically and free of charge. There are also subject matter specialists who can assist you in identifying and searching relevant library databases. The current Criminal Justice specialist is Gregory McKinney, located in Room 211, Paley Library.

Opportunities for Research and Peer Teaching

Temple University provides programs that support students in building their research capacity. Individuals should go to the websites or contacts listed for the latest information on due dates, eligibility, and application requirements.

  • Diamond Research Scholars Program
  • Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship (CARAS) Program
  • Diamond Peer Teachers Program

Disability Services And Resources

Temple offers a range of comprehensive services designed to support and encourage students with medical, visual, hearing, physical, learning, and psychological disabilities. Please visit Disability Services and Resources.