Build Valuable Critical Thinking Skills and Methods of Analysis

The Department of Economics provides a rigorous training that is valuable in the competitive labor market and a strong basis for graduate studies in business, law and the social sciences.

The Economic Way of Thinking

Economics is a way of thinking that provides insights into all facets of our personal and professional lives, improving our understanding of the world and our own decision-making. This is invaluable in making sound decisions in any type of organization, and provides the foundation for many other academic and professional disciplines, such as management, marketing and finance. Economics is oriented around solving real-world problems — not merely memorizing facts.

Help Resolve the Social Problems of Our Time

The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide a program of study in economics that fosters the intellectual growth of our undergraduate and graduate students, cultivates a stimulating research environment for the faculty, enhances the scholarship of the University and contributes to the field of economics while employing the analytical tools of the discipline.

Academic offerings

Be a Mathematical Economics Major

Want to go to graduate school in economics or a related field and need to learn the necessary mathematics as well as economics to excel? Take a good look at the Mathematical Economics Major, an intercollegiate program offered by the Economics and Mathematics Departments for this very purpose.

Earn your BA and MA in 5 Years

Students who wish to earn a BA and an MA in economics may do so in a combined 4+1 program. Students begin graduate study during their undergraduate program and are able to count some electives towards both degrees.

Job Market Candidates

Meet our PhD students who are on the job market.