Degree requirements for the M.F.A. program

This is a two-year, 33-credit program. The curricular requirements are as follows:

  • Four fiction workshops or four poetry workshops, one each semester, 3 credits each. 12 credits total
  • Three craft, special topics, or manuscript tutorial courses, 3 credits each. 9 credits total
  • Two graduate literature, writing, arts, humanities, or social sciences courses, 3 credits each. 6 credits total*
  • One elective course, which may include the composition practicum (required of students funded with a teaching assistantship or university fellowship). 3 credits*
  • Master’s project (thesis). 3 credits
  • Comprehensive examination in either poetry or fiction, consisting of a 10–15-page paper

** As the program also values the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration, courses offered within the School of Communications and Theater (including Film and Media Arts), Boyer School of Music and Dance, and the Tyler School of the Arts may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Students admitted to the M.F.A. program with funding must attend full-time. Students admitted to the M.F.A. program without funding may attend part-time.

At the discretion of the vice dean and the M.F.A. director, up to 6 graduate literature credits may be transferred if they were taken at a competitive university within the last five years with a grade of B+ or higher.