The Writing Certificate option allows students enrolled in Temple programs to focus their attention on the skills and theory of writing. Because it is not a degree program, the Writing Certificate is only available to matriculated Temple students who are already pursuing an undergraduate degree with the university. Students earn the Certificate by receiving an average of B or above in five of the writing courses listed below, including at least one from each of the three certificate areas: Advanced Expository and Professional Writing, Creative Writing, and Writing Theory.

Advanced Expository and Professional Writing

  • English 2496 (W101): Introduction to Non-Fiction
  • English 2696 (W102): Technical Writing
  • English 2596 (W104): Writing for Business and Industry
  • English 3085 (0200): Career Internship
  • English 3401 (0201): Intermediate Writing: Non-Fiction
  • English 3897 (0205): Writers at Work

Creative Writing

  • English 2196 (W107): Creative Writing: Poetry
  • English 2296 (W108): Creative Writing: Fiction
  • English 2396 (0109): Creative Writing: Plays
  • English 3296 (W202): Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
  • English 3196 (W203): Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
  • English 3396 (0204): Advanced Creative Writing: Plays

Writing Theory

  • English 2821: Introduction to Linguistics
  • English 2897 (W105): Literacy and Society
  • English 2898 (W106): Texts and Cultures of Science
  • English 3821 (0212): Linguistics and Grammar
  • English 3822 (0214): Semantics
  • English 3811 (0284): Theories of Language and Literacy
  • English 4196 (W310): Senior Seminar in Linguistics, Literacy, and Rhetoric

Students interested in the Writing Certificate are urged to seek advice on their goals and course choices from Professor Eli Goldblatt, at