An Alumna in Austria


Greetings from Vorarlberg, Austria where I am working as a U.S. Teaching Assistant for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, administered by Fulbright Austria. I am really pleased with my experiences thus far – the teaching experience, the culture experience, the language experience. This opportunity was the perfect post grad option for me; it has made me more confident in my career choice, and gave me a realization of how much of the German world I have yet to discover!

Some of my unique experiences in Austria has been trying to understand the komisch Vorarlberg dialect; I haven’t made large strides with this.  In every small town a different dialect is spoken; I even got asked from a Vorarlberger if I was from Germany. I also assimilated into the Austrian culture by going skiing and hiking whenever possible. My favorite experience though was my recent trip to Vienna to attend the the Technische Universität Ball which was held in the Hofburg. The next morning, the Fulbright Austria Commission held a post ball brunch where I got to meet some of the staff and other Fulbrighters. Everyone seems to be as pleased as I am with the program, and the staff at Fulbright Austria really take pride in the program. I would strongly encourage and recommend the program to students of German.

The program allows all grantees the option to extend for a second year, as much as I would like to take advantage of this, I think it is in my best interest to start a German teaching career in the U.S. After studying abroad in Tübingen, completing my degree, and serving as a USTA in Austria I am feeling quite ambitious to get started as a full time teacher!