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Study Abroad in Rome

Students declaring a major or minor in Italian are encouraged to study abroad. Temple has its own campus in Rome, Italy, which offers courses in a variety of fields including language, art, architecture, and international business. While previous study of Italian is not a requirement for program participation, returned students recommend beginning language study before arrival.

In order to take full advantage of your time abroad, the Italian program at Temple University Main Campus offers courses in beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Italian every semester. We highly encourage our participants to register for these courses before departing for Rome because, in addition to familiarizing students with the country’s history and culture, studying the language of the host country will provide students with the necessary skills required for communication.

Your journey of global awareness begins in Philadelphia but should not end in Rome. Upon your return, it is recommended that students continue to practice their language skills by furthering their studies of Italian through the Italian program so that they may take full advantage of the Temple Rome experience.