When you pursue a Global Studies degree at the College of Liberal Arts, you learn the skills, perspective and worldview necessary to be a top candidate for careers or graduate study in a variety of disciplines. Foreign language proficiency, study abroad experiences, global internships and professional development make global studies graduates attractive job candidates in an array of industries. Graduates find work in fields like advocacy, business, government service, education, research, law, non-profit organizations and academia.

A degree in Global Studies will prepare you to:

  • Understand complex global problems using tools from multiple disciplines, including economic analysis, social science and historical methods.
  • Communicate ideas about global issues effectively, through written work, oral expression and digital communication tools.
  • Look beyond local and national boundaries to see yourself as part of a global network.

To help students develop a global perspective, the Global Studies program offers support to students in areas including study abroad, internships, and professional development.

Study Around the World

One of the most exciting opportunities for students in the Global Studies program is the opportunity to study abroad. All Global Studies students are strongly encouraged to study abroad as part of the program’s Regional Enrichment requirement, and our advisors will work with you to directly identify the study abroad option that best fits with your foreign language choices, academic interests, and career path while still allowing you to Fly in 4. Students are able to study abroad for a summer program (6 credits) or full semester (12-15 credits) or even a year (24-30 credits).

Students can opt to study at one of Temple’s international campuses and programs in Rome, Tokyo, or Oviedo or they can take advantage of the more than 50 study abroad programs Temple has partnerships with. You can work with professionals in our Education Abroad Office to find the study abroad option that’s right for you.

Students who study abroad at one of Temple’s international campuses or one of the Temple approved programs can apply their scholarships and financial aid to program tuition. Additionally, a number of scholarships exist to provide additional funding support to students who want to study abroad through the College of Liberal Arts, the Education Abroad Office, and the Global Studies program, making studying abroad an affordable option.

Global Internships, at Home and Abroad

Undertaking an internship is an increasingly important part of the college experience as employers generally prefer to hire candidates with real world experience. This is especially true for companies with a global presence.

You can apply up to three credits of a global internship experience towards your track in the major or minor by registering for an internship course on main campus (GBST 3085) or by completing an internship course while studying abroad. The TU Rome and Japan campuses have well established internship programs that help place interested students in competitive positions in a variety of fields with international or foreign companies. Additionally, some study abroad programs offer experiential learning courses where students are placed in an NGO to get real life work experience that parallels coursework taken simultaneously on a related topic.

Global Studies students have completed a variety of internships at home and abroad. We have placed students on main campus at Citizen Diplomacy International, The Chilean American Chamber of Commerce, The World Affairs Council, and the Philadelphia Office of the Inspector General. Other students have completed internships while abroad with Refugees International Japan (Tokyo), Rural Agriculture Development Authority (Yahalles, Jamaica), Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), and Kalu Yala (Panama).

Professional Development

The rigorous academic program combined with the personalized nature of a Global Studies degree opens a diverse set of doors relevant to the particular interests of each student. We have a strong track record for our graduates continuing on into graduate school (Cambridge) or starting their careers with employers like International S.O.S. (Costa Rica) or the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation (Philadelphia).

To prepare for successful global careers, the Global Studies program offers a variety of resources for our students. Throughout the year, we partner with the Office of Professional Development and the Temple University Career Center to host a Global Professions series to help students think about, plan for, and actively move towards global careers. Additionally, we promote internship and volunteer opportunities to our students while working with the Career Center to gain access to global internship and job portals like GoinGlobal.