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Assistant Professor – Instructional  Kolson_Schlosser
338 Gladfelter Hall 1115 W. Berks St


Geohumanities, Political Ecology, Environmental History, Geography Education


I am an Assistant Professor of Instruction in GUS/ES with research interests ranging from geohumanities to political ecology. I have a background in the political ecology of gold and diamond production in the Canadian North and the impact of early population-resource “science” on cold war geopolitics. But more recently I enjoy reading through the political fabric of science/monster fiction through the lens of psychoanalytic and topological theory. Mostly I’m interested in how science, nature and ‘the political’ are imagined and represented, either through textual or visual media, and approach the problem through a variety of contexts. I am also enthusiastic about geography education and teach Sustainable Environments, Geography of Natural Resources, and Digital Mapping.

Selected Publications

  • Schlosser, K. 2017. Education and Intimate War of Position: The National Security League’s Committee on Patriotism through Education, 1917-1919. Political Geography 60: 66-75.
  • Schlosser, K. 2017. Critical Geosophies: A Psychotopological Reading of Rice’s Vampires and Romero’s Zombies. Environment and Planning D: Society & Space 35(3): 533-549.
  • Schlosser, K. and Stinard-Kiel, S. 2016. Ahmed, ?i?ek and the Willful Subjectivities of Octavia Butler’s Fledgling. Literary Geographies 2(2): 247-262.
  • Schlosser, K. 2015. Apocalyptic Imaginaries, Gramsci, and the Last Man on Earth. Geohumanities 1 (2): 1-14.
  • Schlosser, K. 2015. Nature-Society Dialectics and Class Struggle in Selected Works of Jack London. Historical Geography 43: 158-174.
  • Schlosser, K. 2014. Problems of Abstraction and Extraction in Cultural Geography Research: Implications for Field Work in Arctic North America. Journal of Cultural Geography 31 (2): 194-205.
  • Schlosser, K. 2013. History, Scale and the Political Ecology of Ethical Diamonds in Kugluktuk, Nunavut. Journal of Political Ecology 20: 53-69.
  • Schlosser, K. 2013. Regimes of Ethical Value? Landscape, Race and Representation in the Canadian Diamond Industry. Antipode 45(1): 161-179.
  • Schlosser, K., White, G., Leib, J., Dalby, S., Algeo, K., Jansson, D. and Zimmerman, J. 2011. Nationalism in the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of Geography 110 (4): 166-175.
  • Schlosser, K. 2009. Malthus at Mid-Century: Neo-Malthusianism as Bio-Political Governance in the Post-WWII United States. Cultural Geographies 16: 465-484.
  • Schlosser, K. 2008. Bio-political Geographies. Geography Compass 2 (5): 1621-1634.
  • Schlosser, K. 2007. The Bio-Politics of Bodies Politic: Nature and Intertextuality in Classic U.S. Geopolitical Discourse. Geojournal 69 (3): 199-211.

Courses Taught

  • Digital Mapping
  • Sustainable Environments
  • World Regions and Cultures
  • Geography of Natural Resources