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Research Background and Goals​

​I am a masters student​ planning to complete my degree in Spring 2016. ​My ​primary academic interests are focused on economic development and planning policies pertaining to the transition from​ postwar and late-twentieth-century suburbia to walkable urbanism. ​My current research project ​(with my adviser Dr. Carolyn Adams) ​is an analysis of ​New York City area ​rail subur​bs​, comparing observed home values at various levels of walkability between 2000 and 2010. ​I work part time at the Tyler School of Art as a Media Output Consultant (large format and 3D printing). My wife and I aren’t “native Philadelphia​ns” but have quickly grown to love the city, the people, and the Eagles.

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Research Interests

  • ​Urban economic development
  • ​Revitalization of downtown in “Rust Belt” (and other post-industrial) small cities
  • ​Needed policy changes to accompany future transitions from suburban to urban city form


​​Bachelor of Science in Geography, emphasis in Urban & Regional Planning  ​
Brigham Young University​ -​​ Provo, UT (2008-14)