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Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Affiliation



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a rapidly growing field with applications across the sciences, from health to environmental sciences. The goal of the GIS PSM program is to provide students with the conceptual understanding and technical skills to be competitive on the GIS job market in Philadelphia and beyond. Students will pursue a curriculum that provides advanced training in GIS, as well as professional development opportunities through an internship experience and additional exposure to “real world” scenarios.

The United States Department of Labor recognized geospatial technology as an emerging area for which it forecasts faster than average job growth in the foreseeable future. While industries in the public and regulated sectors, such as utilities, telecommunications, transportation and education, have been the earliest adopters and remain the largest employers of trained geotechnologists, there has been large growth in the private-sector based on the increasing added value geotechnologies  can provide. Given the recent growth in geospatial technology, the demand for a highly-trained workforce is soaring.

The professional science master’s degree (PSM) is a professional degree program that provides students with advanced training for a job in technology-based companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Students receive advanced training in the sciences, while also taking courses in policy and business. The PSM in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Temple will aim to provide students with a) a conceptual understanding of core and advanced GIS concepts, b) advanced training in high-demand GIS skills, and c) professional development to prepare them to enter the GIS workforce. The goal of the program is to place students in competitive and relevant GIS-oriented jobs.

The GIS PSM will train a workforce that is highly competent to meet the challenges faced by public, regulated, and private sector industries and also adaptable to the future needs of the industries.  For many, the PSM degree provides access to a professional career requiring both technical skills and professional development training in areas related to business, policy and ethics.  As time goes on, the program will continue to define and refine its focus, enabling students to match their specialized training with substantive fields that utilize such training such as urban and regional planning, criminology, national security, epidemiology, and natural and environmental sciences.

The 30-credit degree program will follow a year-long model for full-time students to provide an intensive experience for student-professionals seeking to re-enter the workforce quickly. Students are also able to complete the program part-time to ensure that working professionals are able to take advantage of this new degree program. The electives allow students to specialize within their own respective areas of interest. The Capstone course will provide students with a research project or industry experience, depending on their primary interests. All courses will emphasize practical skills such as scientific writing, verbal communication, and presentation skills, as well as critical thinking.

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