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 Assistant Professor
(215) 204-1432
324 Gladfelter Hall
1115 W. Berks St.


Human-environment interaction, Environmental inequity, Urban and environmental planning, Environmental gentrification, Urban-regional dynamics, City and identity


My research falls at the intersection of environmental and human geography and planning. I am an Assistant Professor of Instruction at the Geography and Urban Studies department at Temple University and received my doctoral degree from The Graduate Center at The City University of New York. I focus on research that explores human-environment interaction through environmental perception and policy, identity, and planning. My work in the past has focused on the impacts of environmental policy and the production of urban space through greening policies. I am interested in environmental inequity and restoration, and how this process is shifting as a result of changing urban landscapes.

My research interests include: environmental and human geography, urban-regional dynamics, urban political ecology, city and identity, environmental inequity, perception, and health, planning, water resources, environmental gentrification and displacement, brownfields, and waterfront redevelopment.

I have also held planning positions in the past, including environmental, sustainability, and transportation planning positions. I feel my research benefits from having performed these roles in the past.

Selected Publications

  • (Submitted for review) Is Urban Greening for Everyone? Social Inclusion and Exclusion along the Gowanus Canal. Journal of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.
  • Nick Bacon, Matthew Bissen, Marnie Brady, Zoltán Glück, Malav Kanuga, Steve McFarland, Jessica Miller, Elizabeth Sibilia, Erin Siodmak, and Laurel Mei Turbin. 2012. “Contours of a spatialized influence: a tribute to Neil Smith.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30(6).

Courses Taught

  • Sustainable Environments
  • Digital Mapping
  • Environment and Society
  • Urban Dynamics
  • Urban Ecology
  • Fundamentals of GIS