Help in a Classroom

For help in a classroom please press the “Help Button” located on the podium touch-screen control system.

Classrooms across campus are supported by Classroom Technical Support (CTS) who are based out of offices close to the locations they support. Computer labs located within the College Liberal Arts are directly supported by Liberal Arts Information Technology staff (CLA IT).

Help in an Office or Research Area

For technology assistance in a faculty office, administrative office, or research area please submit a support request using TUhelp.

TUhelp is an online service for creating, updating, and monitoring the status of support requests. Please specify “CLA IT” as the referral consultant when requesting technical support via TUhelp for Liberal Arts supported areas and equipment as doing so will help expedite requests to the attention of CLA IT desktop support staff.

In addition to TUhelp the Temple University Help Desk can be reached via email, telephone 215-204-8000, live chat, or walk-in. The Help Desk is located on the ground floor of the TECH Center in room 106.

Temple University Help Desk
The TECH Center, Room 106
phone: (215) 204-8000

Classroom Technology Support
Anderson & Gladfelter Halls
Direct phone: (215) 204-8572

Classroom Technology Support
Weiss Hall, Ritter Hall, & Ritter Annex
Direct phone: (215) 204-0131

Liberal Arts Information Technology
21 Anderson Hall
Direct phone: (215) 204-3213