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Learning Spaces

The College of Liberal Arts houses classrooms, meeting rooms, and shared learning spaces on Main Campus ranging from small 10-seat meeting and 14-seat seminar rooms to a 626-seat lecture hall. All classrooms contain either a blackboard or dry erase board, student seating with writing surface, and either a fixed smart classroom system or facilities to support the delivery of portable technology equipment. Meeting spaces have the same features but do not always include a student writing surface.

Learn more about classrooms and learning spaces.


Computer Labs

The College of Liberal Arts operates computer labs, computer classrooms, and kiosks in various locations across main campus.

Learn more about computer labs and computer classrooms.


ArcGIS Online / ESRI Training

ESRI provides Geographic Information System (GIS) software, with ArcGIS as their flagship product. Temple University’s license of ESRI products includes the “ESRI Virtual Campus” online training courses. The Virtual Campus has a number of course offerings ranging from the introductory “Learning ArcGIS Desktop” to specialized courses covering ArcPad, 3D Analyst, and ArcCatalog products.

Access to ESRI online courses are available to the faculty, students, and staff of the units contributing to Temple University’s ESRI site license at no charge to the individual or their department.

To obtain access to courses, please enter a TUhelp request listing “CLA IT” as the referral consultant. Be sure to include the course number and full title.

After submitting your request, you will be e-mailed codes and instructions on how to access the ESRI training site and begin the online course. Codes will only be e-mailed to valid e-mail addresses. Individual codes are required for each person taking each course. Codes can’t be shared under any circumstance. If you are an instructor seeking codes for your entire class, special arrangements can be made for you to self-generate codes for your students.

Please visit the ESRI Training and Education site and choose Self Study / Virtual Campus for available course offerings.


Technology Purchases

Liberal Arts Information Technology offers comprehensive support for technology purchases, from pre-award/pre-purchase through order placement, fulfillment, deployment, and end-of-life disposal. Liberal Arts faculty and staff who wish to purchase technology for their department, lab, or project should submit a TUhelp request to discuss options and submit purchase requests.



The Computer Recycling Center (CRC) manages all surplus electronic equipment and related materials in a secure and environmentally conscious way. The CRC employs the 3 R’s hierarchy when handling material: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

These items include, but are not limited to, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, TV’s, projectors, keyboards, mice, phones, DVD’s, CD’s, disks, cords, cables, toner, and ink cartridges.

The CRC accepts functioning and non-functioning equipment as well as items that plug in or are related to equipment that plugs in.

Liberal Arts faculty and staff who wish to surplus technology from their department, lab, or project should submit a TUhelp request which CLA IT will handle by arranging pickup, documentation, and processing. There is no need to contact the university-level CRC directly.