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IH 5 The Intellectual Heritage Program is home to the liberal arts curriculum on which a Temple education is founded. No matter what their majors, Temple students come together in our two seminars to read and discuss ancient and modern books that have shaped the ways people think and act–working together to interpret their historical significance, their relation to one another, and their relevance today.

Study Abroad!

Explore opportunities to learn outside of the classroom while gaining real-world experience. Take a summer and immerse yourself into one of our many program offerings at one of our international campuses.

Reacting to the Past (RTTP)

Take your classroom experience to another level with Reacting to the Past! Participate in a unique learning environment that will sharpen and strengthen your academic skills.

ESL Sections

The IH Program reserves several sections of IH I and II each semester for students for Second Language Learners. These smaller sections provide opportunities for extra practice to students in speaking and listening and in reading closely and analyzing the IH texts.