For students who would benefit from a little support, the College of Liberal Arts offers Intellectual Heritage tutoring. And if you’re looking for an extra challenge or activity, the Diamond Peer Teaching, the Temple Undergraduate Research Forum or the Creative Works Symposium could be just what you need.

IH Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is available for students taking Intellectual Heritage I and II. Our undergraduate peer tutors are available to discuss the readings and to talk through your essays. Bring your assignment, your notes, and your text to discuss with your peer tutor. Please come to the main Intellectual Heritage offices, Anderson 214, and ask for the tutor.

Diamond Peer Teaching

RTTP 3 The Diamond Peer Teachers (DPT) Program is a competitive program providing undergraduates at Temple the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of college-level teaching, to develop their own pedagogical skills by working closely with their faculty mentors, and to provide supplemental instruction in lower-level and GenEd courses.

Intellectual Heritage faculty have frequently served as mentors of Diamond Peer Teachers. Interested students should approach the IH instructor with whom they would like to work.

For more information, please visit the Diamond Peer Teacher Program page.

Temple Undergraduate Research Forum and Creative Works Symposium (TURF-CREWS)

The Temple Undergraduate Research Forum (TURF-CreWS) offers undergraduate students the opportunity to present original research or creative work to the wider Temple community and beyond–friends, family, peers, professors and more– at a one-day symposium in the spring of each academic year. TURF-CreWS’ goal is to inspire students to extend the rigorous intellectual and creative work they begin in the classroom out to the wider world, and to provide them with experience presenting their ideas in a conference setting, where like-minded individuals join to “analyze, critique and advise their social, ideological, or cultural communities”.

Student work born out of the projects and assignments undertaken in IH courses is well-suited for this forum, and our instructors welcome the chance to mentor students interested in taking their scholarship to the next level.

For more information, please visit the Temple Undergraduate Research Forum and Creative Works Symposium page.